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” Witness Muay Thai’s Greatness at Thaphae Boxing Stadium, Chiang Mai with Best offer rate ticket”

Embark on an unforgettable experience at Thaphae Boxing Stadium, a premier venue showcasing the power and beauty of Muay Thai in Chiang Mai. Since its inception, Thaphae Boxing Stadium has become a cornerstone of the city’s vibrant fight scene, hosting both legendary champions and rising stars.

Thrilling fights erupt every night, featuring skilled fighters showcasing their exceptional Muay Thai techniques. Witness the electrifying display of kicks, elbows, knees, and punches in a heartpounding display of athleticism and willpower.

Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere, cheering alongside passionate locals. Prebook your tickets for Thaphae Boxing Stadium and witness the rich tradition of Muay Thai come alive!


VIP Seat : 1,500 THB (Free a drink)
Ringside seat : 1,000 THB
Stadium seat : 600 THB

Every  Mon to Sat.
Show time  9.00-11.45 PM.


VIP Seat Experience

Immerse yourself in the heart of the action with our VIP Seat(Air condition room)  Experience at Thaphae Boxing Boxing Stadium. Feel every strike, soak in the atmosphere, and witness Muay Thai up close

Ringside Seat

Don’t just watch, feel the fight! Ringside seats put you inches from the ring, where the raw power and lightning speed of Muay Thai explodes. Witness every booming kick, thunderous punch, and electrifying roar up close – an unforgettable experience for true fight fans.

Address : Adjoining Thaphae Gate , Mun Mueang Rd., Phra Sing Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai

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Thaphae Boxing Stadium

Experience the Raw Power of Muay Thai in Chiang Mai

Welcome to Thaphae Boxing Stadium, where the rich tradition of Muay Thai collides with the electrifying energy of modern fight nights. Nestled in the heart of Chiang Mai, our stadium has been a cornerstone of the city’s Muay Thai scene since its inception

Witness Muay Thai Greatness

Step into a world of power, precision, and unwavering spirit. Our fight nights showcase worldclass Muay Thai athletes, both established champions and rising stars, as they battle it out in the ring. Witness the art of Muay Thai come alive with every lightningfast strike, bonecrunching kick, and display of unwavering spirit.

An Unforgettable Atmosphere

The electric atmosphere at Thaphae Boxing Stadium is unlike anything else. Cheer alongside passionate locals, feel the pulse of the crowd rise with each fight, and be captivated by the raw power and skill on display.

More Than Just a Fight:

Thaphae Boxing Stadium offers an immersive experience into the world of Muay Thai. Learn about the rich history of this martial art, witness the dedication and discipline of the fighters, and be part of a tradition that stretches back centuries.

Plan Your Visit Today:

Prebook your tickets and secure your ringside seat for an unforgettable night at Thaphae Boxing Stadium. Whether you’re a seasoned Muay Thai enthusiast or a curious firsttimer, we guarantee an experience that will leave you breathless.

Thaphae Boxing Stadium

Where Muay Thai Tradition Meets Modern Excitement.


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Join us at Thaphae Boxing Stadium, where the legacy of Muay Thai comes alive every Mon-Sat night!